Our twin towns


Herbrechtingen is a town in the Baden-Württemberg province of Germany, and is a twin town of Biatorbágy from 1989. Herbrechtingen was first mentioned in a charter of Charles the Great. This charter was issued probably in Düren, on 7th September 774, and it is now in the National Archives in Paris. However, the village is undoubtedly older than its first mention - as evidenced by its location, archaeological finds and place names. The ground plan of the village is determined by the flow direction of the River Brenz. It flows from the south, from the direction of Eselsburg Valley, and turns east shortly after the mouth of a stream. Thus it forms a triangle with Lange Straße (Long street) and Mühlstraße (Mill street), so the centre of the village is protected from the west and the north.


The village situated in Székely Land is a twin town of Biatorbágy from 2001. The Gyergyó Basin, in which Gyergyóremete is situated, is the northernmost, highest and has the coldest winters (average temperature in January: –6 °C, but temperatures as low as –35 °C are not rare) among the larger basins in Székely Land. The meteorological station in Gyergyóalfalu measured a national cold record in Romania on several occasions. It is the source Basin of the River Maros, surrounded by the volcanic ranges of the Hargita – the Görgényi Alps – the Kelemen Alps.


Kiti lies 11 km to the south-west of the port town of Larnaka in Cyprus. It has a low altitude of 20 meters above sea level. The population of Kiti increased from 670 in 1881 to 1080 by 1960, and 1161 by 1973. Although many fled from the village because of the Turkish invasion in 1974, in 1982 it had 2095 inhabitants, and according to the population census of 2001 3354 people live in the village. Kiti has an extreme Mediterranean climate, the annual rainfall is only 360 mm, and falls during the winter months. The people living there produce vegetables, for example artichoke, zucchini, okra, batata, potato, melon and water melon, carrot, cereals, and citrus fruits. Kiti is the oldest among our twin towns.
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